Matrioshka WIP...

Finally came back to this intricate Matrioshka ink drawing piece which I started 10 months ago (I don’t know where the time has gone). Matrioshka’s hold resonance with me as my mum adorned the house with them when I was growing up and so they make me feel extremely nostalgic!

Once finished I think that I’ll make a series of ltd Ed screen prints (A3 or A2).

Matrioshka's a work in progress

Intricate Pigeon

I finally finished tracing this little guy for this year’s batch of Christmas cards (drawing and tracing the detailing on Illustrator took the best part of a day).

My vision was to have him in the arms of a little boy/girl, but I’m now contemplating having him as the main character/maybe mirrored holding a ‘Merry Christmas’ sign, or with another bird under some mistletoe...

Bird Illustration Veronica Rowlands

Save the oceans tote bag design

This week at work has been rather quiet as most of my classes haven’t started back yet and so I’ve been preparing for the children’s next project (which will be about the environment and the effect of plastics and litter on sea creatures).

I was making a mock-up of how a potential re-usable tote bag (with one illustration from each child could look and then forwarding to companies to ask for sponsorship) and I came up with this!

Subsequently I’m really rather pleased with my sea life piece and I'm tempted to possibly get an order of re-usable tote bags printed with my design on as well...

Veronica Rowlands save the oceans print

Personal Commissions In Situ

I love seeing my work up in people’s homes 🏠 

These were private commission pieces (A3) they go so well in the space!



Veronica Rowlands -private art commissions
Veronica Rowlands -private art commissions

Christmas on the horizon

You won't want to hear the word, but I'm working on this year's Christmas card designs...Here's a little teaser, but I'll show you more in November when we're in the mood!




Turkey friend

Introduction and Summary of Year...

So my first post on a brand new blog...And if I'm honest I'm not completely sure where to start.

I'm an East London based Artist, Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer and Educator (a lot to take in I know!). My background and training is in Surface Pattern Design and after several years in industry I went back to study for an MA in Illustration at Kingston University (which I completed in August 2017).

Over the past twelve months I have :

  • Been working with a dear friend and super talented Fashion designer Ani Passarelli to create our own brand lifestyle brand AtoV Collective


  • Held a solo exhibition of my artwork in local creative space HUSK (which I was over-the-moon about as it is my favourite coffee shop/creative space in London).



  • Worked with local charity SPLASH Arts and Tower Hamlets based community groups to create a giant mural depicting 'Poplar Past, Present and Future' which will shortly be erected inside Poplar DLR Station.


  • I'm currently working alongside a second local charity Stitches in Time and Bromley by Bow Centre to create a large banner and series of textile pieces with residents of Watts Grove (Bow) which will be placed on display in council and community events.


I've started working as the Room 13 Artist in Residence at Old Ford Primary Academy (in which I facilitate workshops for small groups of students and help lead/develop fundraisers for the programme (which I am absolutely loving).




  • Completed a Master's Degree in Illustration from Kingston University (in which I spent many sleepless night researching and trying to find A Universal Trigger for the Inner Child In Adults) - this gave me a deeper insight into my personal attraction to nostalgia and melancholy in my personal work.


  • Carried out tons of little and large commissions for people and organisations (from portraiture to pet portraits and event advertisements).

This is the first time in which the majority of my projects have been local to where I live in East London and I'm currently feeling a strong sense of community.

Welcome to my brand new website and thank you for following!