Intricate Pigeon

I finally finished tracing this little guy for this year’s batch of Christmas cards (drawing and tracing the detailing on Illustrator took the best part of a day).

My vision was to have him in the arms of a little boy/girl, but I’m now contemplating having him as the main character/maybe mirrored holding a ‘Merry Christmas’ sign, or with another bird under some mistletoe...

Bird Illustration Veronica Rowlands

Personal Commissions In Situ

I love seeing my work up in people’s homes 🏠 

These were private commission pieces (A3) they go so well in the space!



Veronica Rowlands -private art commissions
Veronica Rowlands -private art commissions

Christmas on the horizon

You won't want to hear the word, but I'm working on this year's Christmas card designs...Here's a little teaser, but I'll show you more in November when we're in the mood!




Turkey friend