Intricate Pigeon

I finally finished tracing this little guy for this year’s batch of Christmas cards (drawing and tracing the detailing on Illustrator took the best part of a day).

My vision was to have him in the arms of a little boy/girl, but I’m now contemplating having him as the main character/maybe mirrored holding a ‘Merry Christmas’ sign, or with another bird under some mistletoe...

Bird Illustration Veronica Rowlands

Save the oceans tote bag design

This week at work has been rather quiet as most of my classes haven’t started back yet and so I’ve been preparing for the children’s next project (which will be about the environment and the effect of plastics and litter on sea creatures).

I was making a mock-up of how a potential re-usable tote bag (with one illustration from each child could look and then forwarding to companies to ask for sponsorship) and I came up with this!

Subsequently I’m really rather pleased with my sea life piece and I'm tempted to possibly get an order of re-usable tote bags printed with my design on as well...

Veronica Rowlands save the oceans print